rsz_1angelcruz_001.jpgAngel Cruz, the familiar, friendly voice of an entire generation of gay porn twitteratis and a man who has been known to allow his penis to open up in ways we would consider both big and bigger on, has announced his newly acquired status as Press Director for Black Rayne Productions and an arrival of sorts onto the next rung of his career.

It's really a great honor to write about Mister Cruz - the writer, pictured here, working on, um, one of his characters - who was recently hired on as Black Rayne's Press Director and, in Black Rayne Productions' words, "[It's] the tradition of making headlines and building a team that will ensure it's success while riding its blazing-hot momentum in 2011, Black Rayne productions is happy to announce their new in-house press director Angel Cruz." But, really, who wouldn't want to ride his blazing hot momentum at some point in 2011?

Angel, who for a short time was a contributing editor for Men of Color Blog - a far too short a period of time - deserves much more recognition for his writing than he's willing to cede. He has wit, charm, intuition and class. (Thank you, The Chris Ward School of Superlatives!) I don't really even see where failure fits into any of this. It'll be exciting to watch Mister Cruz grow into a job he's a natural for!

So what does that mean for you, the lover of bareback porn ? Well, don't ask me. Ask Angel, their press director:

"My ability to write and draw traffic across all forms of social media is going to be essential in the success of Black Rayne. I am more than confident in my ability to do JUST that. And it doesn't hurt that we are putting out the hottest content right now."

Color us so there.


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