Andy Dick in gay porn video from Lucas Entertainment

Don't worry, it's a non-sexual role... as far as we know! Word came today via Lucas Entertainment's award-winning (and handsome) creative director Marc MacNamara that the New York-based company has snared the sexually ambiguous (and bi-curious?!) comedian Andy Dick for a part in its Kings of New York. The sex comedy series also features Lady Bunny (who memorably cameoed in Lucas' Brothers' Reunion in 2009), drag stars Bianca Del Rio and Epiphany, designer Richie Rich, radio personality Derek Hartley, Broadway performer Martin Samuel, Acid Betty (no idea!) and some tired queen from the mercifully canceled A-List New York.

Oh, there are porn stars, too! Vito Gallo, Jessy Ares (singing his song "Striptease"), Landon Conrad, D.O., Mitchell Rock, Trenton Ducati, Rod Daily and Adam Killian play trendy Manhattanites clawing their way to the top of the Big Apple heap. "This series has hilarious moments that are side-by-side with the incredibly hot chemistry of the cast," says MacNamara, who also wrote and directed. "It's a new type of series that gives an all-around entertaining experience."

So how did Lucas nab the former NewsRadio star? MacNamara exclusively tells GayDemon that the casting grew out of a male-male relationship. "Andy is a friend of mine," Marc reveals. "I sent him the script, and he loved it. When I told him I was thinking that Lady Bunny would play his wife, he was fully on board. He's a big fan of hers." MacNamara adds that the often hard (to work with) Dick was "brilliant."

The first episode of Kings of New York premieres February 22 at To view the SFW preview trailer, click here.

Lucas Entertainment's Kings of New York

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