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The niche popularity of androbois remains strong despite the supposed takeover of gay masc culture. And while there seem to be way fewer dating/hookup profiles in which a guy is looking for a "straight-acting" someone, there are plenty of code words like masculine, outdoorsy, regular guy, or whatever other descriptor gets to the heart of the matter. But you know what? At least those are more descriptive than "straight-acting" which, considering the gender expression diversity of actual straight men, means nothing.

But added up, that type of culture sends signals to not be oneself, even though of course, there can be a regular femboi, an outdoorsy femboi, and yes, even a masculine femboi (if he's in the mood to be). Adjectives about what you want are good, unless they shut out what you'd like if you gave it a chance.

Androgyny comes naturally to some, while others have to cultivate it, playing with gender cues until that androgynous moment is attained. And it's only because of most people's narrow definitions of what male and female look like that androgyny can even exist. If there were no rules about male or female, there couldn't be about androgyny either.

Does appearing androgynous, or as a femboi, mean someone acts feminine? And what does feminine mean? Maybe femininity is just more visible when applied to (or emanating from) a biologically male form. Maybe some men get turned on by a person exhibiting those feminine ideals without the added power of being a feminist. Surprise when the femboi is not a pushover, when he's an equal in and out of the bedroom. Surprise when he's working the look for himself (or, yes, to make money in porn or other modeling). Surprise when the femboi has a Ph.D. in astrophysics. Okay, a B.A. In weavology.

For fembois who do identify as male, it's pure visual self-expression. For those who may have more complex gender identities, it's self-expression with added layers of meaning, risk and impact. Being an openly gay masculine man takes bravery, yes. And being an openly androgynous male (gay or straight) takes bravery too, in some cases even more, especially when it's one's everyday life, not a modeling gig.

Gay porn culture has plenty of twinks to choose from (some more andro than others), so jack away! Femboi-dom isn't limited to porn of course, so if you see a guy you like, don't be shy. You can date, love, fuck or become a femboi. Go with your heart. And hurry! These guys aren't getting any younger. Not that it's up to me to put an age limit on it.

Speaking of which, when will VH1 do a "Where Are They Now?" segment on the femboi twinks of yesteryear? Oh wait, they already did one on ex-teen heartthrob and pretty boy Leif Garrett. Spoiler alert: his Wikipedia entry has a four-paragraph long section called "Legal Troubles." He's single, ladies!

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