With it being an election year, Gay Rights has had its moment in the spotlight, then too the recent Californian Supreme Court ruling was another of those moments, but you know what surprised me?

That the sexual relations between older men and younger men (of legal age of consent) was actually a common day and well thought of practice in Ancient History. Seriously, long before some religious wing nut coined 'homosexual' there was the Practice of Pederasty, which really is about an old geezer taking a young un and teaching him stuff.

It wasn't just sex, though in some Ancient Greek regions, not only was it accepted, but it involved a formal ceremony as well, just like Marriage is today. In fact, this particular form of relations, goes back to like 1650 BCE, which you have to admit, is one heck of a long time ago.

There are even ancient temples or places of sacrifice, littered with ornate gifts to the Gods, depicting what today would be called homosexuality, or by some, pornography. I mean pictures of men with beards touching the erect penis of obvious younger males.

In other ancient Greek regions, it was required by the old geezer to shower lavish gifts and attention on the younger guy, to gain his acceptance. Now, tell me, like that is any different than when you go to the bar and watch all the old farts sending drinks over to the cuties?

In some ways, nothing has changed much, now has it? And just like now, back then it was the Religious Right that tried to screw up a perfectly good thing. It was the coming of today's Religion that put an end to the Pederasty Practice, but then I wonder, have they?

I married a twink, so did the practice die out, or is it now called Same Sex Marriage?

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