Meet bodybuilder and model Damon Danilo. He's done videos for Manifest Men before, but this time I was completely blown away by his power, his muscular beauty and raw sexuality. Damon is like a work of art, but he just keeps getting better and better. In this scene, he starts out with a heavy workout, lifting heavy till his body is huge and sweat runs down his body. He concludes this session with a fucking awesome jackoff scene where every one of his muscled is tensed and bulging as he strokes his hard cock.

I've never seen the guys at my gym workout naked, but I'd sure like to. Damon does some bicep curls nude, breathing hard as he pumps up his mighty guns.


And once he's pumped up to the max, he does a little posing and flexing for the camera. Every inch of Damon is strong and powerful, his muscles large and full as he shows them off.


Damon's tan skin glistens as he flexes his brawny thighs, his shoulders and his veiny biceps and forearms. His cock is rock hard. After feasting your eyes on his magnificent body, I'm sure you'll agree that Damon is a muscle god who is well worth worshipping!


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