Seems like there's a lot of flavors of sites around these days. There are amateur sites like New York Straight Men, Jake Cruise and Naked Straight Guys. These are sites that have a budget and find a lot of different models - mostly first timers. But the sites aren't one man operations or hobby sites although they're probably not the work of large crews. This kind of site delivers regular guys the kind you can find at the store or the street - fucking and sucking or jacking off for the camera. The lighting isn't perfect nor is the photography but this honestly does add a gritty real feeling - and it should, because these sites are for real.

Then there's amateur sites like With Marcello and Carlos Cruise. These sites work with gorgeous hunky models but the photography and the site layout are amateur, probably done by the models themselves. The guys in these sites have modeled for professionals and we may have seem them around other sites, but it's more fun in a way to see them stroking their cocks in a site that doesn't have a perfect look and isn't made by a large company.

A kind of site that is very popular are sites like Randy Blue, Corbin Fisher and the newest addition to the arena, Buzz West.


These are sites that take real amateur models - guys they find at colleges, in the military or from other guys - and they take these amateur guys and do full-on professional photo shoots with them. These are sites that give surfers the best of both worlds - regular amateur guys in action but with high production values. This kind of site features well-lit videos, good quality sound and are shot in a studio rather than someone's livingroom or an average hotel room. For those who love real amateurs but who also love hard cocks in action, these sites are a nice combination.

But let's not forget the professional sites - sites that use professional models or pornstars and shoot with crews rather than a lone guy with a camcorder. Falcon Studios and Rear Stable videos provide movies shot by professionals all the way. From the lighting to the multiple high-end cameras and camcorders, each manned by a photographer who knows his way around a shoot, these sites have a lot to offer as far as production values. They also often offer famous or well-known talent with hot bodies who know how to fuck for a camera.

While I have some friends that have a strong preference for amateur or pro sites, I tend to like 'em all. They all provide plenty of strokin' material and having all these different types of sites keeps watching gay porn fresh for me and lets me enjoy lots of different fantasies!

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