The lighting and mirror scream amateur. But he's clearly selling something. Not so much the "boyfriend experience" escort thing. But maybe the "I'm angry about marriage equality being up for a vote by the mostly conservative Supreme Court and you're standing right in front of me and have a cute ass and pretty lips so I'm going to hurt you with my dick and you'll like it and so will I thank you" experience?

I wonder how much does that goes for nowadays. What with the economy and all.

Or maybe he's simply an amateur exhibitionist after all, which is also fun. And something I may have to be in 30 years when Social Security doesn't quite cut it. So I'd be the paid kind, I guess. Hopefully someone will be buying.

Pardon me while I do pushups and situps for 30 years. I can see my ad now: "60-something twink will please you top to bottom!" It's all about the exclamation point.

amateur nude dude

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