Clang, clang, clang! (That's a boxing ring bell.)

In corner one, we have utter nudity, one man dreaming of being naked outside, the other living it. Cocks and bodies different. But clothes equally nonexistent. Gaze upon these specimens. Do you want to see more of these men? Does nudity from one angle make you want to see nudity from all angles? Do you want to see ass? Do you want the camera to move around each body as you would in person? Um, yes!

Nood Dood Pair

In corner two, we have metal and fabric blocking full nudity. Does this make you want to see each man nude even more? Does it make you more aware of your desire than if each were fully naked already? Is the nude cock you imagine better than the nude cock you would see? And more importantly, if I buy that shaving cream brand, will I have his body? Um, no!

Dressed for Success Trio

Winner: All five men are equally obscene. Because the obscenity is in the eye of the viewer. Porn is everywhere. Yay!

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