Niki just did his first ever porn shoot at Berlin Casting. Niki is a bulgarian skater and hip-hopper who likes to do tricks on his board to impress the girls - hopefully so he can get laid. He says he's pretty successful getting pussy, too. But Niki is very open minded, although he doesn't actually SAY he's bisexual. What he does say is that he's also open to sex with other guys, either to make a few bucks or just to have a good time. Sounds to me like even though Niki says he's straight, in reality what he's pretty ready for anything.

Niki decided it would be fun to get naked and jack off on video, so while he was visiting Berlin, he decided to check out the guys from Berlin Casting and maybe do an audition.


Niki likes being in front of the camera - his rod is hard before he even gets his pants open. And once he gets his clothes off Niki grabs his cock and starts pumping it with enthusiasm.


His dick is uncut, but once it's hard the foreskin pulls back and exposes his engorged head, the shaft rigid and swollen. Somehow I think Niki passed his porn audition - what do you think?


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