Here's a guy for those of you who like hairy men - really hairy men. Meet Ted Baer. He's a 46 year old bear from Canada, and he's got dark hair all over his chest and stomach. He's got that "real man" look, complete with a well-trimmed mustache and beard as well as a belly. Ted's an amateur - he didn't decide to get naked for Bear Films for money. He decided to do a photo shoot and video because the idea of getting naked in front of the camera really turned him on.

Ted knows just how to show off his hairy body. He's into other hairy men, and has learned that a manly attitude and showing off that furred chest tends to get the attention of the guys he wants to attract.


Hot damn! Ted may have a smooth ass, but there's hair between those round cheeks. He's also got a hairy back. Man, if you're into amateur bears, Ted's the real thing.


Once he's totally naked, you can see just how hard Ted's dick is. This is one horny bear who loves knowing that strangers will be seeing him naked!


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