As most of us are aware, erotic fiction seems to be taking off like gangbusters these days. Amanda Young is an author of this type of fare, who seems to have a number of published works under her belt. While she seems to write about both genders engaged in erotic fantasy, her niche seems to be man-on-man scenarios. A wonderfully and professionally set up site, our main menu is featured at the top of each page and takes you to wherever you want to go. Even the "Free Reads" section is an excellent page - giving us a very good indication of what to expect from this most talented of writers. Be sure to head over to "About" so you can find out more about Amanda and her accomplishments in the literary world. In order to keep up on the latest releases, be sure to browse through the "Blog" to read excerpts and some very informative facts. "Links" provides some great resources when it comes to more sites where Amanda is featured, as well as readers you may find useful, and tons more erotic writing to indulge in. A wonderful site featuring a wonderful writer.

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