Alterna Dudes

Alterna Dudes focuses on alternative guys - goth guys, punks, emo boyz, skaters and rockers. If you're into tattoos, guys with interesting piercings, mohawks and unusual looks, you won't find many sites in mainstream gay porn that deliver them. Alterna Dudes avoids pornstars, primped and shaved male models and muscle men. Their models are, instead, scruffy guys who wear their heavy bangs over their eyes, guys with shaved heads and hugely stretched ear piercings, punks and skaters who are the kind of dudes you'll see hanging out at the mall. And they are hot! They do the photo and video shoots for the site not only because they need the money - and since most of them are unlikely to hold down a regular job, they probably do need the cash - but because they're horny and into experimenting. Alterna Dudes is definitely a site to go to to watch a punker or skater boy or goth guy jacking off, and I liked it!

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