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Wouldn't you buy toothpaste from this guy? Nash is the quintessential all-American guy -- he's a good looking blue-eyed boy with a bright, friendly smile and a tight, athletic body. And when you see him standing in the shower with his meaty cock hanging heavily, you won't think twice about squatting down on the floor and offering to take care of it. Nash is featured on Fratmen this week and he sure is a beautiful sight. He's the kind of guy you secretly gush over when you see him walking around campus. You hope that one day your paths will cross and you'll be able to bed him. But until then you keep stealing glimpses of this good-looking stud. You even think about taking an athletics course just so you can get a look at that big, study cock in the shower. No need for such extreme measures, Nash is happy to show you everything he's got over at Fratmen. You're going to love watching this beautiful young guy pumping out a load of juice.

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