Smooth muscle guy

Don't you wish the Calvin Klein jeans ads looked like this. What a beautiful picture. And I can't think of anything that would sell more jeans. Perfect Guyz Koen is an stunning, sexy man and at the young age of 19, he already has an amazing body. He's sleek and chiseled with solid, strong shoulders. He's completely smooth which lets you take a good, long, unhindered look at his hot body. And those nipples! Fuck, they're just standing at attention, all alone on his chest, nothing hiding them - they're begging for attention. Koen is the classic all-American guy, excelling in both sports and academics. He's got a sexy pair of green eyes and a sensual pair of kissable lips - you could fall onto a couch with him for an hour-long kissing session and be completely satisfied. And he's got a beautiful cock - 8 inches long with a slightly bulbous cock head. It's a perfect cock for a perfect guy. Koen's jack off video opens with him lying in a white pair of Calvin's on a bed. He's got his hand down his shorts and he's playing with his cock. And the way he manhandles his meat, it's going to be a hot scene.

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