Muscular British Man

Mark Stevens is almost six and a half feet of prime British beef. In this photo gallery, Mark is sent into the Men At Play wardrobe room to get dressed for a shoot. It kind of an odd shoot because most models start clothed and work their way to naked. But since Men at Play is a suit fetish site, Mark is starting off naked and putting the clothes on. He starts off with a half dozen ties around his neck to see which one he thinks looks best. And while the ties are hiding parts of his strong and muscular chest, his big cock is flopping free for everyone to see. He's got a nice chunk of meat between his legs - it hangs perfectly, it's really thick at the base, and it's long. And if that isn't enough, he's got a big set of low-hanging, bull balls. Mark is one of those men whose cock doesn't really get a whole lot bigger when it's hard, it just gets stiff, really thick, and stands straight out from his body. As soon as Mark is dressed and wardrobe has approved his clothing choices, he is free to strip naked and jack off. Mark is also featured in an audition video on the site, which he shot himself because everyone else was too busy when he arrived at the studio.

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