I really don't think there is much argument that UK Naked Men's Axel here is just about as masculine as you can get. With his stone-hard physique, serious look, slightly hairy bod and a dick that will make any cocklover drool with sheer lust, this man needs a new 1-10 chart just for himself. I'll try to keep my writing as interesting as possible because I know there's a lot of competition with Axel adorning the page as well. I shit you not when I say that I believe him to be one of the top five best looking men I've ever laid eyes on. And I'm no inexperienced virgin. He He.


I'm really having a hard time controlling myself here and I certainly know that all you are out there. This man just oozes sexuality. His body and prick were meant to spread his seed into any willing hole. Get in line boys. I'm sure it's a long one.


Axel gives us a good view of his nice brown scrotum here. I love the look on his face as if to say, "What do ya think? Wanna taste?" Well hell yeah! Gimme some of that luscious man meat dude. I'll be your boi forever. Well....for at least a month anyway. He He.


Now there's a nice closeup of Axel's uh....axle. I bet we could spin a mighty big tire on it too! UK Naked Men just keep getting better and better. With guys like this coming out of the UK, it leaves one to look into moving there. Yeah, I could really get me some awesome Celtic flesh like this guy. How about you?

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