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I recently discovered a new bear magazine called All Bear Magazine. I wondered how I had missed this hairy bear magazine at my local gay bookstore. When I subscribed to the magazine online I figure out why I'd never seen this before: It's an online magazine that's delivered in PDF format.

There are currently eight issues with the ninth hitting your computer in the middle of May. The cost per issue is £1.50, which works out to about $2.40 US - quite reasonable. And you can pay for the subscription through your PayPal account.

All Bear collects images from the Internet, along with images created especially for this magazine, and more images submitted by readers and presents them in a PDF magazine. But there's so much more. The first issue of All Bear includes an article and pictures of a Swedish bear named Max who is the lead guitarist of a heavy metal group called Lillasyster. And Max is featured naked and playing his guitar, which he seems to do at his concerts, and he's a hot bald bear and very furry. You can check out Max's MySpace page.

There's a section called Butt Creek that featured beefy hairy butts, and another section called Cub Corner that was packed with hairy bear cubs and went on to feature one particular hot cub in detail. There was an article called What is a Bear? that continued the ongoing debate. There's also the Daddy Zone and Muscle Zone that contain pictures of daddies and muscle bears. There's some fiction, and so much more.

If you like hairy bears, you'll want to check out this magazine. It's definitely worth the couple of bucks. Colin, Matt, and Danny, the All Bear team are pretty hot themselves. I'm looking forward to diving into these first eight issues and catching up.

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