Cute Blonde Guy

Bobby Clark is the quintessential all American boy. He's 23 years old, stands 5'11, and has a lean, well-defined body. Dirty blond hair, dreamy blue eyes, a killer smile, and a sun-kissed face ... can you get any more perfect than that? Bobby's is originally from Washington DC but looks like he just walked in from the California surf. Close - right theme but wrong ocean. This young stud lives in sunny Florida and teaches wakeboarding. What a life! That must leave him lots of time to jack off. In this video, he strips out of his clothes and gets right to work. His cock is stiffening up and it's long and thin. And he's packing a heavy set of balls. He lies on the bed and gives us a good look at that ass of his. And you know what, I have always wondered why straight guys shave their butt holes. I mean, I wonder why it would even occur to a straight guy to shave his ass hole. Well Bobby claims to be a ladies man and somewhere along the way, he figured out that he likes his butt hole smooth. :) After the show, Bobby flips over and jacks his meat and sprays a healthy load of jizz right up his chest.

Blonde Guy's Hard Cock

Blonde Guy's Hot Ass

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