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About six months ago I started growing a beard. I had always had a moustache, and for a lot of years I wore a goatee. But after losing a considerable amount of weight, I also lost some of the fullness in my face, nothing that a nice beard couldn't remedy.

The response has been phenomenal. Now, I'm not an ugly man, but I never really found that I got a whole lot of attention. But after growing a beard, I noticed that I was suddenly starting to turn heads. And it wasn't because I'd lost a lot of weight either. It had been several months after my weight loss that I started growing the beard, and in those in between months when I was thinner and goateed, I wasn't getting much attention. Suddenly when I added the beard, men seemed to be falling all over themselves to catch my eye.

At least once a day, I find some cute man sneaking a peek as we pass on the street. So, if you've ever thought about growing a beard, you might want to head over to All About Beards. You'll find galleries packed with men sporting all kinds of beards, perfect inspiration for your own cultivation.

You'll find heaps of tips about growing and maintaining a beard. There's a question and answer section and a whole section of beard styles. I'd venture a guess that All About Beards is the foremost authority on the Web when it comes to bearded men.

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