Sometimes it pays to have a friend who's also a porn photographer and director. When Jeremy Roddick called his friend Alexi to see if he was interested in doing his first hardcore scene, he decided to sweeten the offer by telling Alexi he could pick from any of Jeremy's models. Whatever guy turned him on the most would be his co-star. Well, Alexi couldn't turn that deal down - he chose Alec, a very cute guy with a big dick. Alec is a porn pro who really knows how to fuck on camera, and Alexi couldn't wait to get started!

Once Alexi met Alec in person, he forgot this was his first hardcore porn scene and concentrated on getting Alec's cock into Alexi's hungry, waiting mouth.


Alexi started this shoot out a little shy and reserved in front of the camera, but Alex knew just what to do to turn him into an uninhibited, moaning bottom. Alexi found himself on his stomach, getting fucked into the mattress!


Alec loved banging such an eager bottom, and he really slammed Alexi's tender ass in a hot, sweaty fuck that Jeremy says is probably the most intense scene he's ever shot!


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