When in doubt, become an underwear model! The latest victim, er, example of this credo is sexy Alex Minsky. To be honest, we had never heard of this former Marine until our friends at Gay Daily Hot News ran some full-frontal (and fully erect!) pics of the heavily tattooed stud (fun fact: he has an armpit tat!). That got our attention right quick. It turns out that Alex has been making a name for himself since returning from Afghanistan, where he lost a leg in a roadside bomb explosion in 2009. After a long recovery, he started exercising and was discovered by photographer Tom Cullis at the gym.

Now we know that this 24-year-old Newport Beach, California, resident is a recovering alcoholic who spends four hours a day working out. He also rubbed elbows with Barbara Walters as a guest on The View last week. (Wonder if Babs was thinking about Alex's naked pics when she started talking about her vibrator...again. Ewwww!) Now Alex has announced that he's furthering his career by becoming an underwear model for Jack Adams. We've noted the excellent model choices of this company before. But Alex definitely takes it to another level. To see Minsky talk about how he's "just a dude," watch the video above. And you can see him in all his glory below. For more info, visit Jack Adams USA.

Alex Minsky Models for Jack Adams

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