The photographer for Blake Mason was very hot for RJ. In fact, after RJ did a solo shoot for the site, our photographer just couldn't let him get away without doing an action shoot, so he made a phone call. The call was to Alex, another model. The photographer told Alex that he had the hottest guy ever, and would Alex like to come down and fuck the guy on camera. Well, Alex wasn't going to turn that down - who would? Next thing you know, Alex is on a train and on his way!

Well, the photographer was right and Alex couldn't wait to get started. The two guys took a hot, steamy shower together, and soon Alex and RJ were dripping wet and playing with each others' cocks and nipples.


There's a lot of passion and heat in this shoot. From the second Alex and RJ touched, they were on fire for each other. They wanted to taste each other, tease each other, suck each other...


There's nothing like a fuck in the shower, and the guys let go and enjoyed every stroke! RJ and Alex are an inspired pairing, and if you decide to watch the video, make sure you have a towel nearby!


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