Aleks Buldocek Returns to Pornland Aleks Buldocek Returns to Pornland

See Aleks Buldocek in "You Bet Your Ass" at Colby's Crew

It's been about two years since we've seen Aleks Buldocek in Pornland and he's back this week with a brand new scene and some major changes in his life. He appears in You Bet Your Ass at Colby's Crew with his real-life partner Jonah Fontana and they win Brett Dylan's ass in a poker game. I caught up with Buldocek on Twitter, come inside and see what he had to say about his love and porn lives.

I'm so happy to see you back filming, you were always one of my faves.

Thanks! It has been a long time. Just did a couple scenes with Colby's Crew, the second one will probably be out in a week or so.

How long ago was your last scene?

I wanna say my last scene was Naked Sword's Hotel Hookups a couple of years ago.

Do you have anything else in the works?

I did apply at Butch Dixon. Hoping to hear back from them. They said I'd be a great fit after I worked with their shared crew for Colby's Crew. Also, I'm working on myself in the gym and I'm at grad school working on my MSW [Master of Social Work].

Where are you living these days?

I'm still in Chicago, but Toronto and Montreal are an easy trip.

I see on your Twitter profile that you're engaged to your co-star Jonah Fontana.

We've been engaged since last year. At Gay Days Orlando I proposed to him in front of the castle. There should be pics [on my Twitter] from it. We planned a date for April next year. Small destination wedding in Mexico with our closest friends and some family.

And I just saw in your profile that you're Sir to Lorenzo Flexx. What does that mean?

We still have our houseboy, Lorenzo Flexx, who we own together. He's just finished his contract with Titan Men and looking at options. He's our pup. He takes care of our apartment and our cocks and he doesn't have to worry about money or anything. He just has to take care of our home and grow big for us in the gym. It's a leather family kinda thing.

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