Here's a guy with a lot of talent and a love of art. He's making his way through the world as an erotic artist; I mean, of course, a drawer of erotic art. His site's title is Albron but his full name is Alex Bronnings. This is his blog-cum-site, and on it you can find lots of examples of his work. He works in various mediums including 3D by the looks of it, and he's got examples of his solo and group work, by which I mean the subjects of the drawings are solo guys or guys in groups. There are also some pretty impressive hand drawings too.

And the thing he goes for most, it seems, is the erotica around bodybuilders. These muscled guys feature most on Alex's site, along with a few superheroes and muscled jocks. That's all well and good and we've all seen this kind of stuff before, but what really grabbed me were the faces. These naked, toned, muscled guys have characters and these really come through the drawings. If you, like me, fall instantly for the work here, then you are invited to help Alex along with a donation.

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