akfotowelt is written completely in German. A "Wilkommen" (Welcome) page features an undoubtedly sincere message from Arno Konigs - no doubt the founder and primary photographer/writer - which this fabulously uncultured writer/reviewer could not interpret. However, if you happen to be an uncultured slob like myself, please don't let that stop your curiosity. Stumbling along in this easily-navigable web site, one eventually realizes, by venturing to the galleries, that Arno is representing his work here and supplying some very serious and high-quality artistic photographic skills. In fact, further inquiry leads one to believe we may have stumbled onto a rare and utterly unique talent. Absolutely striking photographs, experimenting with lush lighting and backgrounds, emerge in the hundreds of pictures featured. This is a prolific artist and, I believe, a remarkable talent. His subject matter tends to stay with males, to our pleasure, and many of the more experimental types of pictures feature these guys in almost bizarre, but still-very-human style. Close-ups of guys who need a shave acquaints us with details featuring the literal pores of the skin, they are so sharp and close. There is a muscular and visceral connection between the viewer and the subject Arno Konigs delivers - an immediacy which is frankly startling in its raw visual power. I am truly impressed with this unique man and his artistic products. I mean, nearly flabbergasted and so grateful I get a chance to see his work. He is that good. The German language can be overcome by the sheer visual power of his very unique male subjects and of the work itself. Indeed, it is hard to differentiate which is the most powerful element of a style which stands completely alone.

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