Lucio Saints and Allen King

Lucio Saints recently announced via his blog that he and Allen King have decided to part. The separation comes as a mutual agreement. Lucio has managed Allen King as his agent while the gorgeous young star developed into an amazing bottom for various studios. Read the full press release after the jump.

Press Release studios and Allen King both have decided to finish their artistic representation contract that they have supported in mutual agreement. As studio and representative of the model, we feel very proud of his work, considering that he arrived without any previous experience in professional porn and only one year later, one of our major achievements have been reached, with Allen King as Best Actor in latest Hustlaball Awards 2014 in Berlin. We have been taken care and directed his steps in porn with love, managing to pair him with the best actors in adult entertainment as Paddy O'Brian, Jake Bass, Kayden Gray, Pierre Fitch or Connor Maguire and others, in his out-standing scenes. Now, once consolidated as an actor, we think this is the right moment for him to decide about his next steps in his professional future and wish him the best of luck. studios and our representative Allen King still support a legal necessary and bureaucratic period before the contract is terminated.

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