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Everyone seems to think that once you hit 35, you can pretty much hang your butt-plug, 9-inch dildo and jockstrap up and call it a day in the gay porn world, but you can forget about that now with today's tasty dish!

Hunky porn star Casey Williams was all the rage in gay porn in the early 90's, but in 2002 he decided to take a break from it all and lead a normal-ish kinda life with his boyfriend, and moved back to Oklahoma. (Scary!) You've already seen how incredibly delicious he looks now, but let's take a look back at one of his shots for his "early days":

Ageless hunk.jpg

Well, this hunk is back, and he is the perfect example of how a man can look not only hotter with age but he is now also looking hunkier and hornier! He is making his CUM-back in COLT's new flick "Muscles In Leather", where he fucks the living daylights outta John Magnum.

After looking at some promo pics/vid of his latest scene I think it's safe to say that Casey Williams gets my vote for long overdue CUM-back of the year! Caliente! Caliente!

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