Advocate.com is the digital home of the award-winning published version of the newspaper "The Advocate". The printed version of this site has been the famous and long-serving voice of the LGBT community for over 40 years. It is nearly impossible, in fact, to even begin to speculate on what an important and vital role this epoch-making rag has served over the years. In fact, I am in awe that I get a chance to even mention it. Revolutionary and uncompromising, full of clear and concise opinion and always just smarter than hell, The Advocate rests near the head of institutions which have accomplished changing world-wide sensibilities towards LGBT issues. And now we are fortunate enough to have the online version, as responsible and as timely as ever. From social and political opinions, to news events breaking in same day time, Advocate.com brings us an updated version of the same events and issues covered by the print version. Nor is politics and social commentary the only area of interest. Entertainment, business, sports, health and fitness, travel and video sections utilize the best writers and general smart people to make it entertaining as well as extremely relevant. To my mind, a person could do far worse than including this web site in his early morning mandantory coffee reading.

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