Adventures of Gay Boys

Adventures of Gay Boys is an Australian site of huge interest. In one of the latest posts there, they cover this year's Gay Pride Parade in beautiful downtown Sydney, which sure looked ready. Great and numerous pictures of that wild affair give an insight into the joy that can accompany the gay community. It is a dream to see, frankly. Other than that bit of tomfoolery, the blog is nearly extravagant in its ads and its subject matter. This seems like an incredibly "connected" group. I totally enjoyed the lampooning of a local Aussie politician who came up with "contamination theory" notions about gay life. The blog is topical to the max, current as all hell and fascinating in every respect. They do not - most assuredly - leave out the sexy parts either. Take that to the bank. A nice spread featuring the front page guys from DNA Magazine gives us hunks in underpants to die for. Other posts, further down, show more than enough to whet the least horny man's appetites. It's a raging erection, from start to finish, this cheeky, very cool and well-devised site. I highly recommend it for pure entertainment value, if nothing else. Plus, we get a view of gay life "Down Under". There are some most sexy aborigines down there!

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