I'll set the stage. So there was this lipsync show in, of course, the '80s which primarily involved non-drag queens. In searching for the appearance of Jazzmun (who did a legendary half-man, half-woman vertical split number), I (un)fortunately found Infant Rock. And now you have to watch because I'm not going to be alone in this nightmare.

I need to know I'm not hallucinating.

Now regarding the imperfect video quality, consider this is a transfer from VHS. Plus there's the whole thing where it's a hallucination. And as near as I can tell, they may have gone on to win the season. Meaning plenty of money for therapy.

Do not take this as any sort of value judgment against the adult baby scene. Who am I to judge? But I'm just saying, I think I see a sliver of actual underwear peaking out the side of one of the diapers. I would have marked off a point for that. And I would have given bonus points if one of the baby dudes had wet himself on stage. Though with all those lights, it could have caused a short. Nobody wants that.

I hope I prepared you well. You know, they sure do have the heavy metal moves down. Impressive?

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