You just have to love CIRCLE JERK BOYS for the cutest, most adorable straight boys they bring to us all the time. Sean here is an 18 year old sweety that could light most rooms up he ever walks into. With a young, taut body and a very, boyishly handsome face, he's really easy to stare at. Rumour has it that he was quite shy at first, but warmed up quite nicely after a while and produced a really nice shoot. Let's meet this young beauty shall we?


Holy cow the things you could do with an ass like that! This boy is so damned sizzling, he's on fire! Spread those cheeks apart and make him yours guys. I'm sure it wouldn't take very long. Love how his sweet cock peeks out in the foreground, tantalizing our voracious taste buds. Shit.


Is this youngster inviting or what? These straight boys can really get you going sometimes. I'd lock this buck inside my house forever and never let him go. LOL. No, I guess I can't really do that, can I? I can in my dreams though, and that's exactly what's going on inside my perverted head at the moment.


Umm, I think Sean's waiting for something. What do you think it could be? Perhaps some hungry lips to devour that sweet looking piece of man love hanging down between his legs. Who's game? Yep, CIRCLE JERK BOYS always tease us like mad with these gorgeous straight boys and we keep cumming back for more. Hell, why not, you only live once. May as well eat all you can!

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