It's no secret that the gay porn industry is fighting harder and harder against piracy and illegal sharing of their movies, pictures, scenes etc... Things have been tough for many studios, and most people you talk to say things are only going to get worse.

It might be a pessimistic view, but recently when former porn stud Aden Jaric tweeted that he doesn't pay for gay porn, it kinda tells you things are not that great for gay porn companies. Aden's tweet caused a bit of a scandal, and Samuel Colt tweeted back telling Aden that if he wanted a password to a paid gay site then he should dish out the money and pay for it! Aden responded that since he had left the performing side of the business that he "didn't have to worry about that anymore."

I get that Aden doesn't wanna pay for gay porn, but my question is why tweet about it? I mean, you could at least try and be discreet and not cause even more damage an already battered industry. Even if Jaric no longer does porn, the idea that even a "retired" porn star doesn't want to pay for gay porn sends out the wrong kind of message to everyone. Hopefully Aden will somehow clarify this and take responsibility for his words, 'cos what he tweeted ain't helping him or the gay porn industry whatsoever!

Source: GayPornFanatic

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