Gay Asian pornstar Adam Kim

Porn debuts are always an exciting occasion, but sometimes there's more to the story. In the case of Adam Kim, the 28-year-old Canadian starring in Raging Stallion's Push, Pull, Squat, THRUST, he's not only making his gay porn debut in a hard-core fetish film, but he's also one of the few Asian models to ever appear in a major studio porn release. In an exclusive interview with GayDemon, Kim points out that he is 100 percent Asian, something he isn't sure that other ethnic models, such as Brandon Lee and Jordan Young, can claim. Adam has been on the borders of the big biz since 2007, when he first started making his presence known to industry insiders through social media. Anyone on Twitter knows that he's a gay porn fan and supporter, attending events such as the Grabby Awards and Folsom Street Fair, posting revealing pics of his smooth muscular body and tweeting his exploits in a Berlin sex club.

But it wasn't until he met director Tony Buff and his husband, Chris Yosef, that he was able to act on his goals. "I was always interested in doing porn," Kim says. "Then I met Tony and Chris, and ended up doing an amateur scene for them last year." That scene was never released, but Adam made an impression and when the couple was set to film again in Seattle, Kim got another chance. "This new scene was all about rope work," he says. "And that was something they knew I was comfortable with." Hmmm, maybe because they had tied him up themselves!? Kim only smiles sheepishly at the suggestion, but his work with Jeof Pierson proves that he knows how to be trussed like a turkey. "The scene was harder than I thought," he adds, "especially because it took eight hours to film and I was hanging in midair from a weightlifting machine for a lot of that time!"

While Kim says that he would be open to doing more straightforward (nonfetish) porn in the future, he isn't sure that there is all that much demand for Asian models in the business. But since when can we afford to turn away tattooed twinks with hot bodies!? Adam, who is single, admits to working out daily, in between travels for his mainstream career. He also follows the porn blogs and frequently chats with top porn stars and directors on Twitter. Hey, that can't hurt his chances for porn stardom, right!?

Follow Adam Kim on Twitter @iamakx. For more on Push, Pull, Squat, THRUST, visit

Adam Kim in bondage

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