Adam Killian To Play Green (And Gay!) Lantern

In an odd bit of casting news, gay porn superstar Adam Killian has been hired for a straight porn movie! XBIZ magazine is reporting that its 2012 Gay Performer of the Year will be appearing as the recently outed Green Lantern comic book character in Sinister X Syndicate's forthcoming Justice League 3DX. And as part of the deal, he will also portray the DC Comics character in Adventures of the Green Lantern, which will air on the Extreme Entertainment Network's channel on Roku. In addition, Killian, who has worked for Raging Stallion, Falcon Studios and, among others, will "go Green" for an appearance at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego next month.

"I'm totally excited by it," Killian tells XBIZ. "It's a very forward-thinking concept. When I do any project I put everything into it, so I'm superexcited to jump into a role like this and do the best I can."

Producer-director Rob Black says that he will remain faithful to the DC Comics version of the Green Lantern character as a homo superhero, having Killian perform in a hard-core gay scene (topping the character of Nightwing) in the predominantly straight porn parody.

Wow! And we thought Chris Evans was hot in The Avengers! We cannot wait to see them pull this one off. Justice League 3DX starts shooting in July.

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