Rim seats are what all the best assholes are wearing. In addition, suspended fuck tables are key to completing your high fashion look. Wrist cuffs are the new collar. And the Container Store is the best place to go for just the right sex toy storage.

Did you also know that erections are the new underwear? And precum is the new beer?

This still is from an unaired episode of The Learning Channel's new series Sex Hoarders. The production team went through all the trouble to film 13 episodes before asking the network bigwigs if rim seats are safe to air on basic cable. The answer? A bigwig sitting on a rim seat getting rimmed by a desperate associate producer.

Unfortunately, the answer was still no. Hopefully VH1 will pick it up. And then this fella can become the next reality TV breakout star. Consider him the male Snooki, albeit with a smaller dick than her.

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