Horny college jock

Chase is a resident at Fratmen. When it cums to representing a hot college jock, I can't think of too many other guys that can compare with Chase. The first thing that stuck right out about him - besides his hard dick, of course - is his smile. It's the kind of grin that both lights up your day as well as intrigues you with the mischievousness in it. A natural born "ham", Chase likes to show off, and it's no wonder as this man is gorgeous from head to toe. Fantastic chiseled abs, a perfectly sculpted chest and set of arms, and an ass that certainly looks as though it was carved out of marble make him one amazing sight to behold. And I love that hairy patch on his chest plus his uncut pubes and hairy thighs. Back to his cock. Notice it's hard from the start because besides being hot, Chase is horny as hell. Who the hell wouldn't want to wrap their wet lips around it and take sexy Chase for a nice long ride?

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