Absolutely Inappropriate

Not what I was expecting from the title, Absolutely Inappropriate is one guys' visual list of what he finds inspiring, gorgeous and hot; images of men of course. But not gratuitous images of naked guys doing inappropriate things, just images of good looking, moody, handsome and varied men. Male models, mainly, actors and guys clipped from magazines and re-posted on the blog. Very little nudity, some very erotic images though, some galleries, but mainly a long list of pictures of men. Click one to see any notes left behind by other passing bloggers, though you may have to be signed in to Tumblr in order to do this. It also looks like you can share your own inspirational men via this blog, there are some links at the bottom of the screen to use. I found myself scrolling down for hours; it looks like this blogger has an awful lot of inspiration in his life!

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