The title at the top reads "Abnormal Art" but that would depend on one's tastes and perspectives I would imagine. If hardcore masochism, bondage and discipline are up your alley then the images here could give you some erotic sensations without a doubt. To me, they're not only hot sexually, but fascinating as well. The darkness of each drawing carries with it it's own point of view and atmosphere. Categories are Bondage, masters & slaves, spanking, Japanese BD&SM art and assorted BD&SM drawings. If you are an artist yourself who indulges in this form of work, the webmaster will proudly show off your talent for free. And claims he will even buy the rights to it if you're at all interested. I checked out most of the drawings and must say that most are extraordinary in their detail and eroticism. Yes, I even attained an erection. And that's a good thing. Cool place indeed.

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