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Corbin Fisher has been wanting to get these two lean-muscled studs together for a while now and Aaron and Dru could barely wait for the camera to start rolling. They were excited to get naked and start playing. Corbin Fisher has good instincts, he knew these two guys would be hot together and man were they ever!

Dru can't keep his tongue off Aaron and licks the hot stud's chest, nipples, and arms. They kiss as they unzip their jeans and strip out of their clothes. When Aaron's cock is released from his underwear he looks at Dru and says, "Suck it!"

Dru swallows Aaron's long, hard cock and smacks his ass playfully. The guys fall onto the bed in a passionate kissing session and Aaron grinds his stiff cock against Dru's. "Oh my God, I want you so bad," Dru says pleadingly. So Aaron goes down on his buddy and starts working Dru's tight ass with his fingers. And after a wet rimjob, Dru says, "Don't tease me anymore. I want you to fuck me!" But Aaron continues the tease, sliding his dick slowly up and down Dru's ass crack. He's going to make Dru beg for it.

Finally Dru gets what he wants and he moans and whimpers in ecstasy. "Oh fuck! Your hole is so hot!" Aaron says. He starts pounding Dru's ass hard. And then he flips his buddy onto his back so they can look into one another's' eyes as Aaron continues pumping Dru's fuck hole.

Dru's loving Aaron's cock drilling his hole, but it's all too much for him and he shoots his load all over his stomach. Then he tells Aaron that he wants Aaron to cum in his mouth. Aaron blows his load all over Dru's hungry lips and Dru sucks Aaron's dick to get every lasts drop. Guys, this one's going down in the history books as one of the hottest Corbin Fisher fucks!

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