Aamyko is hot! As in very hot and quite well designed. The author has an About Me page which is brief but to the point. He declares his obvious love for music and expresses a desire to share his passions - which include a huge interest in the male body. This he does really well. His posts are extremely well-designed. They consistently link from the opening page to a longer version, complete with 10-15 photographs of the gorgeous objects of desire. Stylish and easy to navigate, this is one of those blogs which will win awards, simply by virtue of the art work, if nothing else. But, let me stress, he knows the male body. He proves it with just dripping hot photos in the added page. Good-looking, buffed beefcake and just gorgeous guys fill the screen with an intoxicating sense of beauty and form. Add those shots where the boxers come down and you have yourself a quality arousal source. If nothing else, "arousing" is the aim and he is very successful at it. Nice work Aamyko!

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