I discovered a few sites recently that really impressed me in regard to the volume of content, the affordability, and the update schedule. These are sites that specialize in offering complete porn DVDs in downloadable format scene by scene, but it's not pay-per-minute, pay-per-view or any of that crapola. The reason I really like these sorts of sites is that they accomplish several tasks.

1. Lots and lots and lots of porn;

2. Daily updates;

3. Easy to download, no DRM;

4. High quality resolution;

5. Endless variety;

6. No download limits.

7. Giving exposure to older porn that was professionally produced;

Case in point, VideoBoxMen.com, a wonderful site that I happened to discover in one of GayDemon.com's reviews. For $30 a month, you have access to over 600 DVDs ranging from the sublime to the perverted, featuring many legendary porn stars of the '90s, and all of them offered in multiple resolutions so you can get truly high quality transfers from the original DVDs. These are not just cheap and shitty knock-offs that some dude made in his mom's basement. These are well-encoded, nicely presented media files.

In a time when lots of porn sites charge membership fees but don't update the content enough or misadvertise what they offer, a site like this is a breath of fresh air. While it's not new or original web-based content, it's still a huge collection of quality porn for a reasonable price, and it's being updated every day! For me, I particularly like this because it allows people to see some professionally produced porn before everything went to the Internet. These are vids with budgets, production values, original music, erotic lighting and subtext and ideas, etc.

I'm not sure how many sites like this are out there currently, but I hope there are more. I've never been too impressed with pay-per-minute sites; it just feels too much like financial rape and like there's some sort of time bomb ticking in your pants. Sites like VideoBoxMen.com and PrideMOV.com have the right idea, and I think the ultimate success of their approach is that they really and truly are thinking of their customers. Who's going to complain about having access to 600 DVDs on a site that adds another DVD each and every day of the week! Who's going to say there's not enough content or infrequent updates? Nope, nothing wrong here. If you consider that a lot of the DVDs offered were sold at a price of $40 to $60 at the time they were released, and if you multiply that times 600, you'll quickly realize that $30 a month is literally a steal.

I mention the above sites to draw your attention to them because they are affordable and can give people who can't join very many sites a whole lotta porn for next to nothing in cost. And I support the preservation and exhibition of pre-Internet porn before it all became amateur-based. Do yourself a big fat horny favor and visit a site like this and you'll quickly see the benefit. If I find more sites like this, I will post a comment here. In the meantime, drop them panties and get to jerkin', boys!



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