Porn or art? One of our favorite Tweeters (shout-out to @MouseX11. Follow him!) often asks that confounding question. The answer is sometimes it's both. Just check out the gorgeous work coming out of Cocky Boys these days. The online studio rolled out the A Thing of Beauty series last June. We've already written about this amazing scene. Now, in the final piece of the gay porn puzzle, the old-fashioned threeway gets turned on its ear with stunning videography and outstanding performances from Colby Keller, Dale Cooper and Gabriel Clark.

The action in the "Free to Be Me" episode takes place on a beachfront cliff in Mexico. There's sun, wind and water. Oh, and the double penetration of Cooper by the studs. DP, now that is an art! Salon.com didn't dub director Jake Jaxson the "Walt Whitman of Gay Porn" for nothing! "This project has connected us to the true value of our work and, more importantly, the beauty of what we have and share together as a team and as a family," Jaxon says.

And if the thought of the finale makes you sad, fear not! There's a 13-minute behind-the-scenes reel available (Dale shares the story of a cum shot gone wrong and Gabriel blathers on endlessly about some other nonsense), plus a bonus duo with Cooper and Clark. Guess they didn't get enough...or Keller had to leave before they did! For more information, visit Cocky Boys.



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