If you really dig tattoos then "A Tattooed Blog" will give you a good lift. While the site is certainly based around body art and such, the blogmaster seems to feature a lot of free useful resources that can be utilized by other bloggers. But back to tatts. If you look to the left you'll see a large amount of links to fantastic tattoo sites, where to get good quality equipment, safety and health tips etc. The layout is really nice and I must say that for a blog it loads pretty fast. You know what I mean I'm sure. Blogger always makes for a nice and fast loading page. And considering the amount of information and photos on "A Tattooed Blog", that's very nice to experience. Speaking of photos. If you're looking for a good idea for your next piece of body art or are an artist who may just need a bit of inspiration, perhaps some of the work you see here will help you in your endeavours. Or get a taste for what's hot so you can design your own unique designs and yet have them remain popular. For whatever reason, check out this blog and be awed by some incredible body art.

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