A Stretch Too Far

Last week I was at The Hoist in London, (yes, it's kinda turning into my second home!) with a friend of mine for the "Mr. Rubber" contest and to say the night was kinky would be a complete and total understatement. There were fellas with rubber jockstraps, with tiny rubber mini-shorts and then there were some with just a rubber cock ring and a smile. (My personal faves of the night!) The atmosphere was steamy, sleazy and very smutty.

The thing that caught my attention wasn't the fact that there was a hunk standing next to me with a raging hard on, (no that's nothing new!) but what did "shock" me what was playing on the flat screen T.V in front of the bar. Now, before I say what It was I must say that up to that point I thought I truly had seen it all but what I had never in my life seen a guy get fucked by a construction crane hook! I just really couldn't believe it. I mean the guy didn't just shove the tip, he fucking SAT on the thing! Up & down! Riding the thing as though it were a park ride! I just couldn't take my eyes off of the T.V screen, even with the hunk's stiffy poking my leg!

I have always thought that when it cums to sex that you should always be able to do whatever you want to do as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else, but what with what I saw that night I just had to question, does that even feel good and more importantly does he even feel anything anymore? Cos let's face it once you have a crane up your jacksy one thing your hole won't be is tight as a drum!

My question: Is this what gays are doing now? Are we just shoving random objects up there just to see if it will fit? I mean what is next? Are we going to start putting mini-bars up there with a couch and a table with nibbles? Is there a limit to what we shove up our arses? Or does anything go when it cums to getting off? U decide.

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