For those of you who love latin studs, we bring you Marcelo. Marcelo is an exclusive model from Just Us Boys Club. He's an architect with a gorgeous smile and a very hard cock and if there is one thing this amateur latino is not, it's camera shy. His first photoshoot was with another model who Marcelo topped by pounding Pablo's ass and shooting a huge load.

Marcelo liked doing his first photoshoot so much, he decided to do this one. And he figured this time he wanted all the attention on him as he got that piece of meat hard for the camera. This is my favorite pic from the shoot because his cock is so "in your face" - it's almost like he's close enough to touch or to taste!

Marcelo is so comfortable while shooting a video and he's just so fucking hot that maybe he should consider a career change... Being an architect isn't as much fun as being a pornstar! Maybe he should give it a shot ;)

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