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Ben of Bentley Race, that awesome Aussie guy porn site, recently took a whirlwind trip through Europe. He did a lot of filming in Budapest, Hungary, and has started posting some of those videos. Before heading back to Oz, Bentley Race stopped off in London and filmed some hot, British guys. Bailey Morgan is one of the "Brits" who stopped by Ben's hotel room for a session.

Zac, Ben's filming partner, ran into Bailey Morgan a couple of times in the hotel's gym. And it wasn't until they were out drinking with some of their new friends (Bailey included) that Zac told Bailey why they were in London. He loves seeing the looks on people's faces when he exposes the gay porn thing. But Zac was the one who was surprised, Bailey was open to getting naked in front of the camera and mentioned that he's done it before.

Later the next day, Zac and Bailey met up in one of Bentley Race's hotel rooms and they took these photos. Bailey is actually from South Africa - I love the South African accent, it's so sexy - and you can't really tell by the photos, but this guy is massive, standing over 6'1". He's 26 years old and exploding with muscles and like most British men, this South African stud is uncut. Bailey loves showing off for the camera and spilled a nice load of cum on those beautiful abs. Zac told Ben, who was very jealous to have missed out on seeing Bailey naked in person, that this was one of the funnest sessions he filmed on this holiday.

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