Ever sucked a dick so big that it made you want to sing?! Well, we can always hope! But one gifted actor and writer has been so blessed that he's made a music video about his 13-inch member. Jonah Falcon has been knocking around the outskirts of the porn industry for years. Gay New Yorkers might recall seeing him strutting down Eighth Avenue in Chelsea in skintight spandex and then watching jaws drop. Personally, we always thought he stuffed, but an extremely up-close-and-personal interview years ago in Los Angeles proved him to be the real thing. But we digress!

Falcon, 42, was featured in HBO's 1999 documentary Private Dicks: Men Exposed about guys with big cocks. He's also worked as a TV extra, hosted a public-access show about baseball and been an editor for a gaming blog, when he wasn't tirelessly promoting his oversize piece, that is. Now, he's collaborated with singer Adam Barta for a dance track titled "It's Too Big!" Barta, who has previously worked with A-listers such as Nadya "Octomom" Suleman and Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge "fame," wrote and performs the song in praise of Jonah's equipment. The lyrics include, "It might just be the biggest in history / No ruler can measure your massive huge pee-pee." Hey, it is kinda catchy. The tune, we mean! You can watch the video above, and that's Jonah below.

Jonah Falcon

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