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Trey showed up at Southern Strokes from Birmingham, Alabama. Featuring guys from all over the southern United States, the guys at Southern Strokes had planned on hooking Trey up with another guy. But it seems Trey had been doing a little research of his own and he made a specific request to do a video with Preston. With seven videos on the site already, this 24-year-old construction worker in one of the site's most popular guys. When Preston walked into the room, Trey blushed. As the photographer started to introduce them, Trey interrupted, "I know Preston, I have watched every one of his videos." Well, the chemistry should be something else on this one! The guys headed out to the deck to get to know one another better and it's a good thing the cameras were rolling because Trey got right down to business and starting giving Preston an amazing blowjob. When he couldn't take any more head, Preston turned Trey over and fucked his ass. Trey enjoyed every inch of Preston's nice, big cock. And in the end, Trey got exactly what he was after - a mouthful of Preston's cum!

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