Devin is a real foot lover, and his fantasy has always been to take on several hot guys his age and service all their feet. Toe Gasms makes that dream come true for him! They hooked him up with three of the cutest guys they know, Zack Randall, Hoyt Jaeger and Kenny Clark. Soon Devin is a happy foot slut and has all the feet and toes that even he can handle. Sucking and licking and carressing the feet of all three of these hot guys is a foot slut's dream come true!

Devin starts off by servicing each of the guys one-at-a-time. After he pulls off their shoes and socks, he tongue-bathes their feet giving special attention to the areas between the toes.


And what could be hotter for a foot fetishist than this pic of all 4 foot twinks wearing nothing but their briefs? You can see how excited Devin is - he's got a massive hard-on sticking out of his underwear.


Here's Devin in another closeup as he tenderly licks and sucks and plays with all of the guys' feet. Devin is living out his foot fetish dream, and he just can't get enough!


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