A Pompadour, a 9-Inch Cock, and 2 Supposed Navy Guys A Pompadour, a 9-Inch Cock, and 2 Supposed Navy Guys

I wish Armond Rizzo really were in the navy, then we wouldn't have to look at his stupid hair -- it would all be shaved off. Sorry, I'm a wee bit older than Armond and I'm also an untypical gay man in that I don't give a shit about fashion, perfume, RuPaul's Drag Race, the Oscars (or any award show or celebrities in general), and I don't pluck my eyebrows, I just cut them when I start looking too owlish. So I find Rizzo's pompadour distracting.

But I guess I shouldn't dog on Rizzo too much because he is able to handle Eddy's huge cock. Man, that's one massively thick piece of meat, and uncut too! This is Eddy's fourth video over at All-American Heroes, and the second time he's stuffed that fat dick up a guy's ass on the site. I saw his Eddy's first fuck video over there and Airman First Class Paolo found it very challenging taking Eddy's 9-inch, uncircumcised dick.

Now Armond Rizzo is giving Eddy's dick a try. I guess Eddy has a thing for tiny Latino guys. And why not? Their cute little butts tightly hug his gargantuan meat. I've seen Rizzo in other videos, so I already know that a niner isn't a big challenge for this lad. And as you'll see, he can make the whole thing disappear. And he gets his face creamed at the end.

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